Media Information

Roanoke College
Office of Athletic Communication

Phone: (540) 375-2086
Fax: (540) 375-2382


Mailing Address

Chris Kilcoyne
Director of Athletic Communications
Roanoke College
221 College Lane
Salem, VA 24153

Roanoke College currently supports 21 intercollegiate sports that compete in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference. Under the direction of Chris Kilcoyne, it is the Office of Athletic Communication's responsibility to promote each program, coach, and student athlete.  

All interviews with coaches, players, and staff members must be coordinated through the Office of Athletic Communications at least 24 hours in advance. Phone numbers for student-athletes will not be released. Team locker rooms will be closed immediately following games. However, interviews involving players or coaches may be conducted outside locker rooms or on the playing surface after a minimal, 10-minute cooling off period.

Post-Game Interviews
Postgame interviews with the Roanoke College coaching staff and players may be conducted outside the locker room or on the playing surface following 10 minute minimum cooling off period. The site of the postgame interviews are subject to change at any point during the season. Interviews with the visiting team's coaching staff and players must be ar­ranged through the visiting institution's SID or team representative.

Roanoke College Sideline Policy

To comply with NCAA rules and for the safety of competitors, fans, and officials, the following policy will govern sideline access at the following venues: Kerr Stadium and the Cregger Center.
The field level is for those who are performing a service associated with the field of play and administration; it is not for spectators. No job or resposibility means no sideline pass.  For the safety of student-athletes and credentialed personnel, credentialed personnel are required to stay 12 feet minimum from the sidelines. 
Sideline passes DO NOT grant access to team bench areas. To switch ends of the field, sideline credentialed personnel are required to walk around the team area, not through it.  In the incidence of a violation of these policies, Game Management Staff is permitted to issue warnings, revoke sideline credentials, and/or eject violators from the venue.
To request sideline credentials, contact the Office of Athletic Communications at (540) 375-2086.

Media Policies

Game Day Coverage and Press Passes 
If media members would like to request for credentials, please contact the Office of Athletic Communications at least 24 hours in advance. Prior to games rosters, updated statistics, game programs, and media guides may be provided. Post-game statistics will also be available. 

Mid-Week Interviews

Mid-week interviews with players and coaches must be arranged through the Athletic Communications Office. The best time to interview coaches/players is Monday through Friday between 10:00 and 3:00 p.m. 


Media Credentials

The working media will have access to courtside seating and the press boxes at Cregger Center, Donald J. Kerr Stadium, Moyer Complex, and Salem Memorial Stadium during athletic contests.

Requests for credentials must be made at least 24 hours before all home contests. Season-long credentials are available to any member of the media that wishes to cover all home Roanoke athletic events. To obtain these credentials, members of the media must contact the Office of Athletic Communications. Roanoke College has the right to refuse any credential request that is deemed not to be in the best interest of the institution, the athletics program, coaching staff, or individual student-athletes. 

Following all home contests, those with valid media cre­dentials are welcome to use the Athletic Department offices to write articles, make phone calls, or conduct interviews. The Roanoke College Athletic Communication's Office cannot give any credentials for sporting events held at other institutions. Please contact the opposing team for that information. 



Television cameras and still photographers are restricted to specific areas during athletic competitions. In the Cregger Center media members with credentials will be allowed at either end of the court, but are not allowed in front of the official scorer’s table, the team benches, or any other sideline position once the game begins. All photographers must remain behind the black lines on either end of the court in the Cregger Center. Space for television personalities is available on the floor level opposite the scorer’s table. At Kerr Stadium, TV cameras and photographers are free to shoot along the sidelines on either side, but not at either end of the field. There are available spots above or the left end of the Kerr Stadium press box for television personalities. The use of tripods courtside/on field is prohibited, unless prior approval is granted. 

Please contact the Roanoke Athletic Communications Office at least one week in advance of a television broadcast. At any time, Roanoke College retains the right to halt the use of such lighting. For further details contact the Athletic Communication's Office.


Statistical Services

The Athletic Communication's staff will provide stats throughout games. All media representatives will be given a copy of the game program and updated game notes prior to the start of each game. Additional materials from both Roanoke and the visiting institution will be available in the press box at least 30 minutes prior to game time.

Statistics and scoring summaries will be available within 30 minutes of the game’s completion. Media personnel may want to conduct post-game interviews while waiting for the summaries to be completed.



The Roanoke teams typically start practices around 4:00 p.m. or later on non-game days. For updated practice schedules, contact the Athletic Communication's Office on a weekly basis. 

Practices open to the media will be at the discretion of individual team's coaching staff. To attend a practice, please confirm your presence at least 24 hours in advance. Videotaping for news broadcast purposes will be permitted only with prior approval.


Roanoke Athletics Online

For in-depth coverage of the Roanoke College Athletics, check out on the web at  Here you will find team, coaching staff, and invididual player information.