Athletics Mission Statement

Roanoke College aspires to be a leading national liberal arts college, a model of integrative learning, and a community committed to open discourse and civil debate as ways of learning and as preparation for service in the world.

Institutional Mission
Roanoke College's Mission is to engage students in their development as whole persons through an integrative learning approach that stresses intellectual, ethical, spiritual and personal growth and prepares our graduates for responsible lives of learning, service, and leadership in a diverse and changing world.
We embrace the important role athletics plays in advancing the strategic goals of the College. These goals include the enrollment and retention of quality students, and the active engagementof our alumni. We seek to develop the Mind/Body/Spirit of our student-athletes. We empower student-athletes in their quest for excellence in and out of the athletic arena. We encourage a deep sense of personal responsibility and a willingness to serve others in a diverse society. We embrace the beauty of amateur competition, demanding fair play, sportsmanship, and ethical conduct among coaches and student-athletes.  We are committed to the health, safety and well-being of our students. We provide athletic and physical fitness opportunities fairly and equitably to all student-athletes.  We take pride in providing a high-quality student-athlete experience. Finally, we believe the benefits of athletics extend beyond our athletes; successful teams' sporting events can be rallying points for our student body and alumni, developing pride and school spirit.